Kwaya Australia is a not for profit organisation based in Australia. It is 100% volunteer run and 100% of every dollar goes towards the project for which it was raised. Its purpose is to raise funds to support projects in Uganda managed and executed by Music for Life/The African Children’s Choir.

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AOL is proud to work with Kwaya Australia since 2013.

Kwaya is a result driven organisation and is mindful of where its donors’ funds are expended.

The African Children’s Choir Primary School opened in Kampala in 2010. A secondary level boarding school will open in September 2019. Both were constructed with the vision of realising the promise of Africa’s youth by providing education and personal development to equip them to return to their villages to generate real change.

Projects not only benefit vulnerable children, but construction work is carried out by labour from the local community so that they may gain heightened skills that can sustain them in the future. 

AOL Building Services are determined to continue to help them in their excellent work.

If you would like to help please visit

Closer to home, community outreach and engagement is integral to our culture at AOL Building Services. We encourage and support our team to participate in several community events each year.

Currently we have a strong team participating in Dry July. If you would like to support our team, follow this link. Any help would be most appreciated.